mastery & certification programmes

The 2-Day Mastery Programme

Presentation mastery is more than standing in front of an audience and presenting with a PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow. 

To be a presentation master, one has to engage, persuade, impact and compel (EPIC) an audience to do something as a result of the presentation. 

The 13 Box Mastery Programme is a TWO-DAY PROGRAMME that equips each member to reach mastery in designing and delivering a 13 Box Presentation with skill and confidence using all the 13 Box System tools. 

In this TWO DAY HIGH IMPACT WORKSHOP, you will learn how to craft winning presentations, pitches or proposals with engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling content.

Once you’ve crafted your presentation, you will learn the tips and techniques to deliver to your chosen audience to WOW them.

The 13 Box System– the simple way to build winning presentations