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Are you ready for the next level? 

The Two-Day Mastery Workshop is your gateway to becoming a true presentation master. 

Unlock the Power of the 13 Box System™

In two intense and enriching days, you’ll dive deep into the art of the 13 Box System™. This powerful framework will empower you to craft and deliver a compelling 13 Box Presentation with confidence. 

Comprehensive Training

Our comprehensive workshop equips you with all the tools and techniques you need to succeed. From structuring your content to mastering the art of delivery, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring you’re fully prepared to captivate your audience.


Transformative Journey

By the end of this workshop, you’ll not only possess the knowledge but also the skills to create presentations that truly engage, persuade, impact, and compel your audience. You’ll discover the secrets of commanding the stage with platform presence, no matter the size of your audience. 


Your Path to Presentation Mastery

Whether you’re just starting your presentation journey or looking to take it to the highest level, the Two-Day Mastery Workshop is your key. The 13 Box Presentation System™ is your ultimate tool to create winning presentations that resonate with your audience and drive results.


Take advantage of this chance to reach for mastery in the art of business presenting. 

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“I wanted to shout out to you because I had a presentation at our national sales conference last night. About 250 attended. One guy came up to me last night and said, “You are a great public speaker.  You should go on the circuit.

Great job Eugene. I credit the compliment to you in great part. Thanks for making a difference!”

Patrick C

Country Manager


Our workshop registration fee for the January 2024 is $2,250, excluding GST. This comprehensive fee includes all printed materials and meals throughout the workshop.

Please note that all accommodation and travel arrangements are the responsibility of the registered participant.

Invoices for all fees are issued before the workshop unless alternative payment arrangements have been agreed upon. Credit card payments are accepted.

If your organisation has multiple participants attending, we offer potential discounts for group registrations. Feel free to inquire about this option if it applies to your situation.

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Eugene coached both my NZ and Australian management teams as we prepared for a very important business pitch. We were expecting some guidance on how to win business (and how to stop being the bridesmaid), but what we got was so much more.

It’s hard to explain what Eugene does, but I’m sure there’s some alchemy in it. I am still using his material in one way or another. I even find myself using his material in my private life. ‘What outcome do I want here? What’s my key message? What do they want most – what is their pain and how can I help solve it?’

Eugene is truly world-class. He knows his topic inside out, and he brings deeply insightful understanding to any group he trains.

Philippa W.

Managing Director