Eugene Moreau’s Guide to Becoming an EPIC Communicator

If you want to be heard and have your message stand out from the noise in your market, this is the eBook for you!

Eugene shares his wisdom, knowledge and techniques gained from over 50 years of public speaking and over 32 years of training and coaching business professionals to become more Engaging, Persuasive, Compelling and Impacting (EPIC) communicators. 

In this ebook, you will learn the following:

THE ART OF STORYTELLING – where you will learn how to construct a powerful story that captures your audience’s attention because it is ENGAGING and PERSUASIVE.

FINDING YOUR PLATFORM MASTERY SWEET SPOT – where I will show you HOW to say what you want to say in a way that is COMPELLING and IMPACTING. 


Eugene will share many of HIS TRADE SECRETS for platform management.

  • He will show you how to use movement to your advantage
  • How to eliminate nervous habits
  • What to do with your hands
  • How to manage your vocal influence
  • How to use eye contact with your audience.

This ebook contains illustrations and guides to ensure you learn how to confidently and consistently stand in front of an audience and present at a new and higher level.


BUYWithin these pages lies more than mere instruction; it is a gateway to the empowerment of lessons learned – the hard way.

Imagine equipping yourself with the skills and the confidence to launch a new product range, host with elegance, converse over the telephone with convincing ease, and present with a poise that is both engaging and personal.

As you explore and act on the insights and strategies I bring you in this book, consider the power that awaits you—the power to connect, influence, and lead. 

Picture yourself at your next event, meeting, or pivotal moment. What if you could approach it with an unshakable confidence, a masterful command? ‘



In this chapter, I describe the natural growth pattern of businesses, explained through the Sigmoid Curve. Every business goes through a journey of growth, plateau, and decline if not managed properly. Transitioning from one curve to the next is a critical, delicate, and sometimes dangerous period called the Transition Zone. Successfully navigating this phase is essential for confidently growing your business.



Unlock the power of a confident mindset in business by facing transition zones. Learn the difference between fixed and growth mindsets, adopt a growth mindset, and transform challenges into opportunities. Manage uncertainty and thrive in transition zones with this essential chapter. 

eBook + Leaders Discussion Guide + Keynote Audio 




Do you need help finding, winning, keeping, and growing successful business relationships? Look no further than Chapter 3 of our book, “Find, Win, Keep and Grow: The Non-Negotiable of Success.” This essential chapter shares practical tips and actionable strategies for attracting, engaging, and building strong relationships with your target market. Discover the tools and techniques for developing a solid growth strategy and taking your business to new heights of success. Get your copy today and start mastering the non-negotiables of success!



In Chapter 3, I provide a roadmap for effectively engaging with people or businesses in their current reality. Some individuals or businesses may be in a season of struggle, while others may be in a season of stability. Some may be experiencing a season of success, while others may have reached a season of significance. Your approach to engaging with your prospects will depend on the season they are in. In this chapter, I will provide a template for recognising and engaging with your prospects, regardless of their season.


With the Keynoge Audio, and the eBook you also get, “Growing My Business With Confidence Discussion Guide For Leaders”. This guide provides valuable insights and strategies that enable you and your team to engage in open and honest discussions, unlocking and inspiring personal performance growth.

Using this guide, you and your team can set achievable goals, track progress, and support growth.

“Growing My Business With Confidence” is not just a book; it guides those who aspire to achieve more. 

It provides a roadmap to navigate the delicate periods of growth and transition; a mindset shift to help you view challenges as opportunities, and actionable strategies to attract, engage, and build strong relationships with your target market. By implementing these principles, you can redefine your business trajectory and unlock your full potential.


Get your copy today and start growing your reputation and business… on purpose!


eBook + Keynote Audio + Leaders Discussion Guide