Introducing Eugene Moreau

In the dynamic business world, possessing exceptional talents and skills is the beginning.

To truly thrive and make a lasting impact, business leaders must excel at facilitating strategic conversations and presenting their vision with an Engaging, Persuasive, Impacting, and Compelling (EPIC) presence. 

This is where Eugene comes in. 

He is not just a facilitator; he’s a visionary partner dedicated to ensuring your message resonates, your strategy lands effectively, and your leadership shines through in every presentation.

His commitment to your success goes beyond the boardroom – Eugene is your ally in achieving lasting impact and business growth. 

With a wealth of knowledge, honed skills, and a passion for helping leaders like you, Eugene transforms mere presentations into powerful narratives that inspire, engage, and drive results.

In the ever-evolving business landscape, trust Eugene to be your steadfast guide, empowering you to deliver business presentations confidently and professionally. 

With Eugene, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to stand out, influence, and lead with a growth-minded presence. 

There’s only one way for me to say this. Before 13 Box. And after.

And if you’re in the land of before, then be prepared for getting on an amazing adventure with the 13-Box Structure. I got on that adventure. I was at best a reasonably average speaker. Until I ran into the 13-Box Structure. And that changed the structure of my presentations forever. 

Sean D'Souza

Eugene’s Story – As He Tells It

“I was 14 years old when he stood before his first audience. As expected, it was a short-lived experience, but it proved to be an indicator of where my passions – and ambition, lay.

I love the thrill and challenge of connecting with an audience and have spent nearly 50 years honing that ‘audience engagement’ skill. 

One client said, “Eugene is a platform master and world-class speaker who delivers value beyond the balance sheet.” I am honoured to have built this reputation.

In 1990, I began to coach and train other business professionals to lift their game in public speaking and business presentations. 

I’ve taught thousands of business people, predominately in the services industries, like Human Resources, Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, Legal Services, Marketing and Advertising, Consulting Services, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Project Management, 

Research and Development and  

Training and Development – across eight countries to stand and deliver with confidence and authority using the 13 Box System™. 

In 1992, I developed the first 13 Box Presentation Structure. I travelled throughout NZ, training Ernst & Young, CS First Boston and Westpac Financial Services managers to write and deliver effective, powerful business presentations.

This was my beginning.

Since then, I have been privileged to train hundreds of leaders across eight countries to use the 13 Box System.

I invite you to watch my video where I tell you more about my journey in becoming a Presentation Master and creating the 13 Box System™.”