As He Tells It

Eugene’s Story

 Eugene was 14 years old when he stood in front of his first audience. As expected, it was a short-lived experience, but it proved to be an indicator of where his passion lay.

Eugene loves the thrill and challenge of connecting with an audience and has spent nearly 50 years honing that ‘audience engagement’ skill. One client said, “Eugene is a platform master and world-class speaker who delivers value beyond the balance sheet.”

In 1990 he began to coach and train other business professionals to lift their game in public speaking and business presentation. 

He’s taught thousands across eight countries to stand and deliver with confidence and authority using his 13 Box System™ – which he developed to help people organise their ideas, thoughts and essential information for presentations. 

Watch Eugene’s video to hear him describe his journey to becoming a Presentation Master and creating the 13 Box System™.


As They Tell It

Happy Customers

I used to wrack my brain trying to figure out how to give a presentation. How do I start? How do I end? How do I figure out the most important message? Then I got my hands on the 13 Box Structure. I couldn’t believe how simple and effective it was. Within minutes, I was outlining a clear and compelling presentation due the next week. And the best part of this book? You can use the 13 Boxes for any communication platform; articles, speeches, videos, podcasts, and more.

Thomas Clifford

The thing I like best about 13 Box System is that it’s simple.

I like simple. Simple makes things powerful. And the organizational structure of the 13 Box System helps you focus and organize your thoughts so you can have real impact on your audience, whether you’re speaking to colleagues or to bigger external audiences.

Dave Charest

There’s only one way for me to say this. Before 13 Box. And after.

And if you’re in the land of before, then be prepared for getting on an amazing adventure with the 13-Box Structure. I got on that adventure. I was at best a reasonably average speaker. Until I ran into the 13-Box Structure. And that changed the structure of my presentations forever. 

Sean D'Souza