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Simple Approach

What is the 13 Box System?

The 13 Box System is a ‘paint-by-numbers’ presentation content structure for business communicators, that helps them stand out.

It makes no difference if you are writing a business presentation or putting together an investor pitch. Maybe you are giving a sales presentation or responding to an RFP… the 13 Box System is just what you need to win.

Check out this video to hear Eugene explain the 13 Box System

13 Box Services

What We Do

We help business people elevate their business presentation reputation and impact. 

13 Box System– the simple way to build winning presentations


In this one day, or online 4 session workshop, Eugene teaches you how to use the 13 Box Systemto create EPIC Presentations, Pitches and Proposals every time.


Work one on one, or in a 2 day  workshop environment, with Eugene, learn how to craft winning presentations, pitches or proposals. Once you’ve crafted your presentation. learn the tips and tricks to successfully deliver to your chosen audience to absolutely wow them.

Presentation Master

Eugene Moreau

Many business leaders are not skilled in the art of facilitating a strategic conversation or presenting their business to others. Yes, they may possess incredible talents and skills at building a business or managing performance, but to stand and present with an Engaging, Persuasive, Impacting and Compelling presence often eludes them.

This is what Eugene does. He helps business leaders unlock vision and then he helps them communicate it with EPIC presence.

There are no shortcuts in his skill set.

For the past 30 years, Eugene has deliberately worked to shape and develop his world-class facilitation ability.  He has definitely put in his ‘10,000 hours’, having facilitated thousands of workshops and coached or trained multiple thousands of business people since 1990.

Great Reading

Eugene’s Books

Presentation Master Eugene Moreau shares his expertise with readers through his highly informative ebooks. These are presentation gold!


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