Take Your Public Speaking Skills To The Next Level! 

In my latest 2-day workshop, you will learn effective techniques and strategies to overcome your fears and doubts, develop confidence and presence on stage, and engage and inspire your audience. 

With hands-on exercises and real-world case studies, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to speak with impact and achieve your goals. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to become a confident public speaker.


The 13 Box Presentation System

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Introducing the 13 Box Presentation System™ for leaders and managers of business services.

The ability to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact is essential in the business world. As leaders and managers in your field, delivering Engaging, Inspiring, Impactful, and Compelling (EPIC) presentations is both challenging AND essential!

Whether leading a crucial team meeting, fostering innovation in a brainstorming session, facilitating a high-level leadership gathering, engaging with discerning clients, making a persuasive new business pitch, or imparting knowledge during a training session, the ability to use growth-minded language and strategies, is your ticket to standing out and achieving success.

Curious to learn more? Explore the 13 Box System™ as Eugene delves into it in this video. It’s your guide to mastering the art of exceptional communication, tailored explicitly for leaders and managers who must stand up and get their message across to important audiences.

Equipping leaders and managers of business services to craft winning business presentations that harness the power of growth-minded language and strategic precision, all within the transformative framework of the 13 Box Presentation System™.

“The thing I like best about 13 Box System is that it’s simple. I like simple. Simple makes things powerful. And the organizational structure of the 13 Box System helps you focus and organize your thoughts so you can have real impact on your audience, whether you’re speaking to colleagues or to bigger external audiences.”

Dave Charest

Speaker, host, & podcaster obsessed with helping small business owners find time for online marketing since 2006.

“The 13 Box System is one of the most comprehensive, empowering and valuable professional courses I have been on.”

Graeme Debney

Logistics Operations and Emergency Management Specialist